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Whether your needs are Personal, flowers for the Office, the most Memorable Wedding, a simple Dinner Party, a Backyard Barbecue, a Banquet Centerpiece, beautiful Memorial Piece or the finest Roses available, Oneka Floral & Design will offer the best Quality, Freshness, Service and Selection available anywhere.

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We also deliver through Teleflora daily throughout the entire Twin Cities metro area, as well as Minnesota and the entire United States. Click here to order, or call: 651-429-5308

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Finding The Right Vegetation For The Back Garden

February 21st, 2011 - By allanmadams

Often all of us purchase crops about impulse discover there is certainly no place within the back garden that basically fits these. Before choosing vegetation cautiously analyze the backyard to find out simply how much sunshine and also tone that will get, perhaps the dirt is actually properly energy depleted or perhaps waterlogged as well as regardless of whether your own element is actually sheltered or even windswept. You will next end up being prepared to look and get the very best vegetation for the scenario; shade-loving vegetation for your sheltered locations, sun-lovers for your comfortable areas, drought-resistant crops for that dry places which can be possibly sunlit or even tinted, and also swamp vegetation for that poorly-drained elements.

Guidelines As Well As Options For Greenhouse Gardening

July 4th, 2010 - By allanmadams

Greenhouse gardening allows for the cultivation of vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers that cannot be grown outside because of the climate conditions. To many enthusiasts green house gardening is a dream they hope to turn into reality one day. Here is what best defines such an occupation in the most general lines possible.

1.By greenhouse we refer to a plastic or glass chamber used for the cultivation of plants, which lets the sunlight go in, and which provides a warm environment as compared to outside temperatures. Green house gardening involves a very large number of activities; hence the reputation for being challenging.

Unique Ways To Grow Strawberries

May 16th, 2010 - By allanmadams

Growing strawberries is nothing new, but there are many different techniques for growing them that some people may have not ever considered before. Many who have never tried growing these red berries before may think it would be difficult have found it can actually be quite easy if you grow them the right way!

The most important thing is to consider what type of seeds to use. Everbearing strawberries are always a favorite, as these tend to yield a crop more than once. Growing them indoors means you’ll even be able to manipulate the seasons so your plant may flower more often. Strawberries only require two things to grow well, 6-8 hours of sunlight, and plenty of water. When you remember a few tips for growing strawberries the rest is pretty easy from there!

The Art of Floral Design

October 26th, 2009 - By admin

Florists, just like any other creative trade, have their trade secrets. These secrets include flower matching, ribbon matching, display choice, real flowers or silk flowers, real flowers or candy flowers, and so the list continues. A florist’s arrangement is nothing without the key ingredients. Every artist works differently but floral supplies are the tools by which those masterpieces are made.

The base of almost any project is florist’s foam. Wet foam is a spongy material designed to both hold water and keep the flowers in place, and comes in a variety of grades, dependent on your floral supplies needs. Although most are for one time use, you can always find reusable foam.