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Companion Planting

August 20th, 2010 - By allanmadams
Posted in Floral Design Ideas

Companion plantings of some kind are already practiced all through agricultural history. Some in the earliest written documents on gardening discuss these relationships. Early settlers discovered American Primary Nations men and women had been using an interplanting scheme of corn-bean-squash that balanced the requirements of each and every crop for light, water, and nutrients. Inside the 1800’s, hemp (cannabis) was often planted around a cabbage field to help keep away the white cabbage butterflies in Holland. In quite a few parts of the world today, subsistence farmers and organic gardeners build two or additional crops simultaneously in a given location to achieve a certain benefit.

Companion planting could be the practice of locating particular factories near 1 an additional mainly because they enhance plant development, discourage pests and ailments, or have some other beneficial effect. When selecting your companion plants think about more than which pests are deterred. Believe about what each and every plant adds or takes away from the soil and what impact the proximity of robust herbs may well have on the flavour of the vegetables. Avoid placing two heavy feeders or two shallow rooted plant varieties in close proximity to every single other.

Many gardeners find which they can discourage damaging pests, with out losing the advantageous allies, when they use companion planting as an crucial part of an integrated pest management system. For example, chives or garlic planted in between rows of peas or lettuce help control aphids. Marigolds planted during the yard discourage many insects. Rosemary, thyme, sage, catmint, hyssop, or mixtures of all 3 among rows of cabbage assists deter the white cabbage moth. Horseradish planted in the corners of potato patches deters the potato beetle. Garlic planted close to roses repels aphids and Nasturtium planted around the lawn also deters aphids.

Since the limitations and ill effects of pesticides, chemical fertilisers, along with other contemporary practices come to be a lot more apparent, scientists and researchers have begun to look at the ‘old-fashioned’ method of gardening and farming. Companion planting can combine beauty and purpose to provide you an enjoyable, healthy environment. In essence, companion planting enables us to help bring a balanced eco-system to our landscapes, allowing Nature to do its’ job.

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